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The object of bingo is to achieve a certain pattern on a bingo card by marking out numbers that are called by the host during the game. Most bingo cards have the letters "B," "I," "N," "G" and "O" running horizontally across the face of the card. A column of numbers is under each letter.  

         Take a bingo card from the host and have a seat.

         Cover the "Free" space in the centre of your card with a marker.

         Listen as the host calls out a letter and number such as "B-3."

         Find the "B" column.

         Look to see if you have a "3" in the column under the "B."

         Place a marker over the "B-3" if you have it.

         Listen as the host continues to call out letters and numbers.

         Place markers over the letter and number combinations that appear on your card.

         Yell out "BINGO!" as soon as you cover the numbers in a winning pattern - usually a straight line going horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

         Call out the numbers you've marked in your winning pattern when the host asks you.

         Collect your prize from the host after the numbers are verified. 


Bingo Strategy

The best way you can increase your chances of winning is simply by buying more cards! Some games allow you to play as many cards as you like. You need to weigh up the total cost of all your cards against the amount you stand to win and the number of cards being played by other players. See here for more information on bingo

Bingo Information

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