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Slots & Video Poker

Judging by the payout schedule, slot machines drop into two categories:

  • Straight slots where the payment schedule is predetermined by the rules for the particular slot machine;
  • Progressive slots that pay the same as straight slot machines, unless the gambler hits a jackpot which is accumulating throughout the game according to the sums bet.

From the point of their minimums and maximums, slot machines fall into several types, allowing to bet a nickel, a dime, a quarter, half a dollar and 1 or 5 dollars. Available though less common are slot machines that accept even 100 dollar's bills.
There exist single and multiple payline slot machines, also three or five reel slots, each providing different winning combinations. To meet the gambler's aesthetic expectations, casino offer many designs of slot machines with various sets of symbols on the reels.

The rules of the slot machine are rather simple. To start a game, you need to deposit the bet which is predetermined by the rules of a particular slot machine. Pushing the “Spin” button, watch the reels spinning and hope to hit a winning combination that will give you an upsurge of temper and excitement. The payout schedule varies with respect to the rules of the particular machine.


Video Poker

Video Poker is a successful marriage of a poker game with a slot machine. Its objective is to gain one of the winning combinations that coincide with the winning hands in the traditional poker. The casino sets the minimum and maximum of the ante and the payoff schedule.

Any poker game always starts with placing an ante bet. In case with Video Poker, the player also has to choose how many coins to play, thus determine the scale of bets and payoffs. All bets made, the cards are dealt.

To assemble a winning hand, the player has to decide which cards to keep. To do this, the “Hold” option is used. By pressing the relevant button, the player marks their favourable cards with a “hold” label. Activating the “Deal” option means discarding the cards that would not be held and getting new ones in hope to make up a triumphant hand.

 The money is paid if the hand proves to contain a certain winning combination. The payout schedule and the winning combinations are quoted on the slot machine you are playing.  The ante is lost if no successful combination is gained.

Basic strategy for slots and video poker

Scout the casino floor for machines that have not paid out for a while.  There’s no point dumping your hard-earned cash into a machine after it’s just paid out a jackpot.  Slot machines are designed to pay-out 97% of the time.  Therefore, when a machine hasn’t paid for a while, it is due.


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