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How to Bet on College Football


  Sports Betting
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College Football is still considered the king amongst many for wagering purposes due to the sheer number of games played by the various teams in the various divisions on a weekly basis, which means that in truth there are indeed many more opportunities that can be found in terms of sheer “value” in College sports over professional sports, however, most do not understand that while wagering on College football is almost identical to wagering on the NFL, the handicapping principles involved are totally different, below you will find some solid advice from Jim Campbell which has greatly contributed to his achieving a total combined average winning rate of 59.88% in all sports over the past EIGHT years.

1) Use discipline in the number of games you wager on weekly, you must have a sound money management game plan in place which from the outside looking in, is based on a wagering concept of “units per game”, but on the inside is really based on percentage of bankroll. I recommend NEVER wagering more than 5% of your total bankroll on any given game and no more than 25% of your total bankroll on any given weekend. Most wagers should fall within the 2% or 3% range, you can then either use a “flat betting” system in which you wager the same amount on each game or use a “best bet” format in which you rate your games highest to lowest and assign your betting percentages accordingly.

2) Most novices or beginning gamblers should use a flat betting system based on percentage of bankroll for the best long-term results, for example, if your starting bankroll is $5000 then a 2% wager on a contest would be $100, meanwhile a 3% wager from the same $5000 starting bankroll would be a $150 wager. A flat bettor would then wager either $100 or $150 on each contest but not exceed the 25% of total bankroll mark of $1250 (based on the same starting bankroll of $5000) over the course of the week. Once the weekend results are finalized you would then have a different bankroll total based on your winnings or loses for the week, this becomes your new bankroll, the next week you would then adjust upward or downward the amounts wagered on a per game basis based on your new “percentage of bankroll” numbers. Remember that everyone will have their share of good weeks and everyone will have their share of bad weeks, the idea is to not place all of your eggs in one basket, you must be able to survive the bad weeks if you want to come out ahead in the long term.

3) A good strategy to follow is to focus in on the local teams in your neck of the woods, the reasoning is simplistic in that in most cases a gambler first started as a fan, meaning that in general terms no one knows the local teams better than a local fan which in this case is YOU, however, you must be careful not to bet with your heart and instead use your head, for example, although I advocate using off-shore sports books as a means of having multiple outs for the purpose of “line-shopping”, I also advocate using a local book when placing a wager against a local team, the reason is based on line “value”, in many cases a local line on a local team can vary by as many as one or two points, mainly because of the fact that the vast majority of local fans wager on local teams which in turn means that a local line is often different that a national line on the very same game.

One of the nations most prolific handicappers is Jim Campbell who can be found at www.footballforecastor.com, he once again showed his expertise by finishing the 2005-2006 college football season with an overall amazing and eye opening mark of 49-32-1 ATS for a winning rate of 60.49% which includes a record of 9-4 ATS with his College Bowl selections and also includes his winning selection of Texas over USC in the BCS National Championship Game, that winning result on Texas means that Jim Campbell has now correctly picked the point spread winner in the past EIGHT straight College National Championship games.

Over the past 35 yrs plus, Jim Campbell has been on both sides of the Sports Investment Business, as a entrepreneur that ran his own business, to building and maintaining a private clientele base that greatly benefits from his superior handicapping expertise in the sporting arena.

Jim Campbell runs www.FootballForecastor.com which has been an internet based sports handicapping service since 1997, you will be hard pressed to find another handicapper that has had the kind of success Jim has had, over the past eight years he has maintained one of the very best winning percentages of any sports handicapping service.

Jim Campbell finished the final four weeks of the 2005 NFL regular season with a mark of 14-5-2 ATS coming down the stretch for a winning rate of 73.68% and for the season in the NFL he finished with an overall mark of 48-33-4 ATS for a winning rate of 59.26% and that includes a perfect mark of 7-0 ATS in the NFL Playoffs, Jim has posted a mark of 6-2 ATS over the past EIGHT years with his Super Bowl selecton.


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