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The Object

The gaming process is split into two stages. Firstly, you should fill in the Keno sheet, then pass over to observing the numbers drawn and checking if they match those marked on your sheet. The keno sheet is a table of numbers from 1 to 80 organized in rows and columns.

Before the game round which is called ‘Keno race’ you should mark on the Keno sheet the numbers you suppose to win on. The minimum and maximum quantities of spots you are allowed to mark are determined by the casino rules. Usually these figures are from 1 to 15. At this stage you also decide whether you would change your number choice for the next round or have a multi-race run, i.e. stay with the same numbers for a couple of rounds, whichever the casino rules allow.

Maximums and minimums are stipulated by the casino gambling rules. Usually they start from 5 cents and mount up to more than 1 dollar. Apart from standard wagers there can be variations, e.g. ‘top-or-bottom’, ‘against’, ‘catch all’ and other bets that differ in the spot selection and payoff schedule.

Your prize will depend on the number of spots chosen and their matching the numbers drawn by the Keno machine. To have more precise information about payouts, check the Keno rules of every particular casino you are playing at.

Keno Strategy

It doesn't really matter how many numbers you choose, or if you combine or wheel your bets. Choose less numbers if you like to win a little bit, a little more often; choose many if you only really want to win once in Keno, but you want it to put yourself in the lap of luxury for life.




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